Monday, October 18

Friesians in fashion

I was flipping through the October 2010 Vogue and saw a Vince Camuto ad with a big Friesian mare. In doing a bit of research, apparently that mare is "Zoe" from Tintagel Andalusians. Do yourselves a favor and look through their stock. Such beautiful, fairy tale horses. They can be viewed at

Thursday, August 5

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

▼▲▼▲▼▼▲▼▲▼▼▲▼▲▼▼▲▼▲▼▼▲▼▲▼▼▲▼▲▼▼'s funny because it's true.

Wednesday, June 16


these were taken on the way back to Seattle from the barn last night. It was so beautiful, it moved me to tears.

Wednesday, May 26

lung capacity

I can't catch my breath when I look at these.