Wednesday, December 9

Halt at X

The best definition of dressage:

Dressage (dres-SASSH): The french word for training. A systematic approach to training and athletically conditioning the horse by gradually schooling the animal through a series of gymnastic-like movements at progressive levels. Dressage fosters harmony and communication between horse and rider because results are achieved through careful insight and cooperation rather than coercion or force. Through dressage training, nearly every horse can be improved and molded into a happier, safer, more reliable, and ultimately more marketable mount. Dressage is really a humane and wholesome philosophy of horsemanship that honors and encompasses every aspect of the horse-human relationship. It takes inexhaustible patience, firm perseverance under stress, courage combined with quiet alertness.

And just for kicks, here is an interesting diagram of the ideally conformed dressage horse:

Regardless of a horses' conformation, dressage benefits all forms of horsemanship (for horse AND rider).

I am getting really excited as this upcoming show season Darjeeling will make her Training Level debut :D.

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