Tuesday, December 15

O holy night

This year Nathan and I decided to decorate our Christmas tree with things we were thankful for. We decorated it with ornaments we received as gifts from friends and family (I think most of them are from my mother-in-law, she's so sweet) and we adorned it with my collection of plastic toy animals. For the tree topper, I took a bunch of Pheasant feathers and tied them to the tippy-top with hemp and wooden beads. The pheasant feathers represent last summer when my husband and I rescued and raised 12 baby pheasants in our house in Seattle with our hen, Banty. When they got big we had to give them to someone who lived on acreage and had birds already. We miss them something terrible, but it wasn't fair to them. And for the tree skirt, we put a Mexican blanket we purchased in California when we were visiting our good friends, David and Andrea. This year we got a much taller tree because we decided to put it in our room with our new vaulted ceilings!

pardon the sloppy iPhone photos. We haven't uploaded the pictures from our regular camera as of yet.


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  3. very cute! So creative. :O) Hey I need to figure out how to do a cool signature thingy on my blog too! Can you show me how?

  4. Shirley, I found out how on this woman's blog! It's super easy:


    good luck :)